Facts and Figures

Swiss VPET funding

The VPET sector is funded by the Confederation, the cantons and professional organisations, each to its own extent. Most of the costs of professional education and job-related CET programmes are borne by companies and private individuals.

Folie: Costs and benefits by duration of training in CHF, survey year 2016

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Folie: Cost/benefit ratio for Swiss companies involved in VET programmes, survey year 2016

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Brochure «Facts and Figures - Vocational and Professional Education and Training in Switzerland»

The SERI brochure can be downloaded or ordered free of charge from the berufsbildungplus.ch website:
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Completion rates for 2021

At the beginning of 2023, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SEFRI) decided not to republish the «Facts & Figures» brochure in its usual form. 

For this reason, the 2022 version will continue to be used until 2024, when the new concept has been developed.

Complete set of slides

The charts in the SERI brochure have been compiled into a set of slides, which can very easily be included in presentations.

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